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How to build your own sauna? Building your own sauna? Here are some absolute musts! Quick tips for building your own sauna. Series

Bench heights

450 and 900 mm, no exception!

Roof height 

Two fists above your head! My favourite is anywhere from 205 cm to 209 cm.

Thermometer placement 

Away from the door and heater and at head height!

What wood should you used inside? 

Soft wood with good antibacterial/mould cabailities, that does not warp and crack easily. Without knots.

What glass should I use?

Double glazed, tempered/heat treated inner pane. Spacing doesn't matter.

Should I have an entrance room to trap the heat?

What insulation

Rockwool likes to soak up moisture. It's like a sponge. Sheep's wool is the gold standard. You can buy Terra Lana in NZ. It actively absorbs moisture, dries out and releases heat from an exogenous reaction with the water! No wonder sheep are so warm! But this only works if your walls are breathable!

What framing should I use

What vapor barrier?

How can I build a more sustainable sauna?

What trailer? 


You can screw down don’t need bolts. 

Most expensive part of sauna. 

Fireplace placement? Middle.

Shipping container or trailer, horse float

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