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Want to get 150+ people to your public sauna per week? Find out the three biggest factors in running a successful sauna business.


Dreaming of a bustling sauna filled with happy, relaxed customers? Here's how you can transform your sauna into the talk of the town, consistenly drawing crowds week after week.

1. Secure a semi-permanent location 

People want to sauna regularly. It's not something people want to do randomly once a year. People want to build the sauna into their routine; once a week, twice a week, everyday! Be consistent so peopole can depend on you. That's how you will be build up a consistent clientel. 

See 'What do you need from a location for a mobile sauna set up' for more information.

Set up ice baths

What's trending more than saunas right now? Ice baths! Being near the ocean or a lake is good to cool off between rounds, but people have an emotional relationship to the idea of ice baths. They've seen them on social media, they've heard the health benefits. We live in a slumber of comfort and it makes us nervous and excited to consider breaking out of it, even for a fleeting moment. Set up some ice baths with your sauna and your guarnateed to have a huge increase in customers.

See 'What kind of ice bath/cold plinge should I get?' for more information.

Host 'guided' sessions

Guided sessions are inspired from the European 'Aufguss'. They consist having someone dedicated to pouring water mixed with essential oils on the rocks and waving around a towel. Everyone goes into the sauna together for 12-15 minutes, with music playing, followed by 5-7 minute break where one can cool off in a shower, ice bath or relaxing outdoors.

See "what is a guided sauna session?'' link for more information.


With these foundations for a successful sauna business, your sauna is poised for greatness. By offering consistent immersive experiences, you'll overhear people talking about your sauna in the cafe, on the chairlift and out in the surf at the beach.

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