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Foreverbreathe Specification

Our saunas are built with a careful selection of high performing materials that capture and store carbon in their raw state, avoids plastics, polystyrene and harmful chemicals, while considering long-term impacts on environmental and human health.   

The Foreverbreathe Specification was developed for healthy and sustainable homes, focussing on improving air quality, energy efficiency and passive ventilation. At Sustainable Saunas, we realise that these values become even more important in the heat of a sauna, especially since we like our saunas hot! VOCs in plastics and harmful chemicals begin to leach out into the air at an accelerated rate with increasing temperatures and optimisation of energy efficiency becomes more important than ever. Moreover, the steam we create by pouring water on the rocks, requires unrivalled ventilation to remove moisture to enable a long lifetime of the sauna. 

All of these priorities are addressed by the Foreverbreathe Specification. Moisture inside the sauna diffuses into the walls, where absorption by the wool insulation undergoes an exothermic reaction, releasing heat and drying out in the process. Our saunas capture this heat and bring you a sauna experience like no other.

Advancing the building industry away from toxic materials

The buildings in which we live, work, and play are major contributors to human and environmental health.

So, we need to build well. But sadly, this isn’t the case. The negative impacts are easy to see in declining air quality, illness, pollution, and environmental devastation.

Products, that contain or release harmful chemicals need to be replaced, but instead they make their way into the structure of our homes. These products impact outdoor and indoor air quality, and too easily end up in landfill, waterways, and oceans, through waste created during product manufacturing, construction, and natural disaster.

We believe the building industry, and businesses that construct and supply building materials have a responsibility to do better. They need to be sustainable and offer consumers better, healthier options. If they don’t, poor health and environmental outcomes will plague generations to come.

The Foreverbreathe Specification demonstrates a sustainable future is possible and is leading the world in the perfection of air quality within built environments. This specification delivers a high-performance, energy-efficient home with exceptional air quality, with the confidence materials used ensure healthy outcomes for you and the environment.

The traditional building industry has proven to have negative impacts on human an environmental health.

Large volumes of plastics and hazardous toxins are used to build our homes, schools, and workplaces. They are often hidden in plain sight in the form of carpet, insulation, paint, joinery, plastic frame wrap, and membranes.

Sure, some of these materials provide short-term benefits, but long-term the negative impacts are clear to see, as human and environmental health suffers. Through production, inefficient building practices, and natural disaster, unsustainable volumes of construction waste ends up in landfill or the environment, where it becomes a problem for future generations.

The pollution and waste that building materials create throughout their product lifecycle must be prioritised, to ensure a healthy, sustainable future.

Plastics & Toxins poison our waterways

Climate change is bringing more frequent and devastating weather events, such as floods, that destroy homes & communities and distribute waste into waterways where it is spread across the planet’s land and oceans.

Toxic building waste end up in landfills

Unsustainable volumes of hazardous construction waste ends up in landfill, where over time it breaks down, releasing toxins into soil, waterways, and the air we breathe.

Declining air quality

The use of products that contain hazardous material and plastics has a direct effect on air quality. The toxins they contain are released into the air we breathe during manufacture, over time with use, or disposal.

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