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Thermally Modified Timber (TMT)

We use NZ Radiata Pine that has been sourced from forests that have are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified. During a local thermal modification process, the timber transforms into a durable and beautifully scented product, adding to the high quality feel of our saunas. The thermal modification alone brings the hazard rating of the timber up to H3.2, meaning we can use it as our cladding without resorting to chemical treatment.

Wool Insulation

We use New Zealand sheep's wool to insulate our saunas. This keeps our saunas warm and dry due to the natural properties wool. As moisture passes through our breathable walls, it undergoes an exothermic reaction with the wool, releasing heat in the process.

Magnesium Oxide Mineral Board

Replacing plastic-based barriers, we use a mineral board made from magnesium oxide. This is sustainably sourced from surface mines and creates a strong, durable and healthy space for you to relax in.

Douglas Fir Framing

We use NZ grown Douglas Fir to frame our saunas, due its strength, durability and resistance to decay.

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