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2-3 Person Sauna

2-3 Person Sauna

Crafted for efficiency and convenience, the 2-3 person sauna offers the fastest heat up time. It is perfect for individuals and couples who wish to sauna regularly and spontaneously. 




The sauna is constructed using high-quality, sustainable materials, including thermally modified NZ Radiata, mineral board wall lining, sheep's wool insulation, and Douglas Fir framing. This sauna is the epitomy of durability, comfort, and functionality.




Equipped with a robust 6kw SAWO electric heater, enjoy temperatures of 80-100 degrees Celcius with scented waves of heater, by pouring water mixed with essential oils on the rocks.




Shipping is not included in the price. This will be quoted to your nearest Mainfrieght depot, from where you can organise delivery by Hiab.




All saunas require installation of the electric heater by an electrician. Heaters run on single phase electricity supply, so all households can enjoy a sauna in their garden.




Saunas can be installed on all standard foundations. We recommend using ground screws for the most sustainable solution. The sauna is built on a galvanised steel frame with bearers 1800 mm long and 1200 mm apart, measured to the outer edges, and are 50 mm thick.


3D Model

We have CAD models of all of our sauna, so if your architect needs them, just ask.



    • What is the lead time?
      The current lead time is 8 weeks from order confirmation.
    • Is shipping included in the price?
      Shipping is not included in the price. All mobile saunas are to be picked up from Christchurch, while all others are quoted to the buyer's nearest Mainfreight Depot, from where the buyer organises delivery to final location by Hiab.
    • Do I need an electrician to wire in electric heaters?
      Yes, a qualified electrician is required to wire in all electric saunas.
    • Which sauna is big enough to lie down in?
      Our 6-8 person sauna is 1.8 x 2.4m, allowing two people to lie fully outstretched.
    • How is the sauna paid for?
      All saunas are built to order and require full upfront payment via invoice.
    • Do you build infrared saunas?
      We do not currently offer infrared saunas.
    • Do you have gas powered saunas?
      We do not currently offer gas powered saunas.
    • Can the saunas run off solar power?
      Please ask your electrician, the power of each sauna is stated on its respective product page.
    • Can you build the 2-3 person sauna with a wood-fired heater?
      No we cannot. The fireplace requires more space, therefore, the 6-8 person sauna is the smallest model we offer with a wood-fired heating option.
    • Do you offer financing?
      We do not offer financing.
    • Do you sell building plans?
      We do not sell our building plans.
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