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Mobile Sauna

Mobile Sauna

Our 15 person wood fired sauna is lined with New Zealand grown Radiata that has been thermally modified in NZ, producing a timber that excels in the harsh conditions of a sauna. With internal and external Magnum Board wall lining, sheeps wool insulation actively keeps the walls dry, while local Douglas Fir maintains structural integrity. The sauna is built on a 2.4 x 3.6 m braked trailer, with an approximate weight of 2,150 kg. The trailer comes with reg (1 year) and wof (3 years).  


Buyer picks up from Christchurch.


If you are interested in running the sauna for the public, enquire for additional information, business plan and data from a NZ public sauna.


Wesbite and booking system can be included with the sauna for an additional $1,500. Check out as an example. This public sauna in Raglan receives 70-150 bookings per week.


See instagram video of the sauna below.

  • Terms of Service

    We offer a Limited Liability Warranty for the saunas. The fireplace comes with a 3 year warranty, while the owner is responsible for maintenance of the sauna.

  • Durability

    Our saunas are built to the NZ building code. Unlike imported saunas, our locally crafted units are designed to endure the harsh sun, wind, and rain of the NZ outdoors. Without using any plastics or chemical treatment, our saunas are built by licensed builders to the NZ building code, creating one of NZ's most durable saunas.

  • Plastics

    The building industry is one of the top consumers of plastic, and since fossil fuels are used to create plastic, this is not good news for the climate. Plastics are used in insulation, roofing, windows and doors.. the list goes on. Even building paper is made of plastic, believe it or not. So we are doing our part by building our saunas completely plastic free, while still adhering to the building code to provide you with a high quality, durable product that will last.

  • Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA)

    Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) is banned in Europe, Australia and the United Sates. However, CCA is still used to treat a lot of timbers in NZ. Due to its carcinogenicity and environment toxicity, we choose not to include it anywhere in our saunas. Our thermally modified NZ timber cladding has a hazard rating of H3.2 from the thermal modification alone, while our our Magnesium Oxide flooring replaces typical CCA treated plywood.

  • Timber

    Cedar and Spruce are two great timbers to use inside a sauna. However, the trees grow too quickly in NZ, so this timber is imported from Canada, the US and Scandinavia. At Sustainable Saunas we are doing our best to minimise our carbon footprint, so we use a thermally modified NZ timber. During its thermal modification process it transforms into one of the best timbers you can use in a sauna and gains a wonderful scent similar to cedar.



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